Often times, I'm the guy that gets the call when...
  •  Franchise owners need help selling their franchises
  •  Franchise buyers are looking for unique opportunities
No exaggeration, I get asked to help with this every day!

While a lot of these resales are being sold at a tremendous value, I simply don't have the time to offer everybody access to these private deals.

So, I created a marketplace where buyers, sellers, and even brokers can easily connect!

All Are Welcome

  • Franchisees selling distressed franchises
  • Franchisees selling cash-flowing franchises
  • Franchisees selling unopened territories
  • ​Buyers seeking existing franchises
  • ​Business brokers listing a franchise

What To Expect

  • Get access to deals you won't find on the internet
  • Pay ZERO commissions to list
  • ​Easy place for buyers and sellers to connect
  • ​Buyers view a variety of franchise concepts
  • Spend less time trying to find buyers
An inside look into the hub...
The BEST DEALS are private access.

And that's true for both sides of franchise resales.
What do sellers want?
  •  To limit what they have to pay in commissions
  • ​ To find serious buyers FAST
  • To list their franchise where its value will be appreciated
What do buyers want?
  •  Find big discounts on distressed sales
  • ​ Shop open, operating franchises they can easily take over
  • ​ View a variety of concepts across different industries
Why people are joining the hub...
Michael S. | franchisee, seller | Missouri

"My financial partner backed out because of COVID-19, and I was forced to sell our territories. I needed a way to list the territories for sale while avoiding selling through my franchisor's resales department, which takes a significant percentage off the top of the sale. The Franchise Resales Hub was the easiest way for me to do that."
Teri O. | franchisee, buyer | Illinois

"I’m actually very happy with my current brands, and always like to keep my eyes open for additional opportunities."
Jeff J. | franchisee, buyer | Washington

"Right now I have my hands full with building 3 [franchises], and thinking about a growth plan, but I want to get a feel for what is going on in the market so that when I am ready to add to the portfolio I can move quickly."
About Erik Van Horn
Erik Van Horn is a franchising specialist, and expert in multi-unit, semi-absentee business ownership. Over the last 20 years, Erik has worn just about every hat in franchising.
  • Top-performing franchisee, owned 7 brands in 8 states, with a recent 8-figure exit
  • Regional developer, growing from 5 to 42 offices before selling back to the parent company
  • Franchise consultant, helping people find and buy the right brand for them
  • ​Franchisor, owning a service-based franchisor in a growing industry
  • Investor, strategically partnering in private deals
Today, Erik lives with his wife and daughters in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.
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